Ultimate dubs

It’s the start of show season and Ultimate Dubs was the first of the big hitters.

And as like some of you I didn’t have the cash to drag my ass to Telford. So after hours of scrolling though instagram and Facebook feeds, it begs the question, did we miss much?

Having been a member of the VAG club, I’ve put my hours I when it comes to reading Performance VW. Admittedly one of my reasons for going Jap was the lack of variety. This is not a dig at the cars on show.

To have a clean engine bay, takes some serious vision, persistence and fucking skill.

But there are only so many way you can smooth a dub and on the other side of the scene is the “rat look”. This is where I can really see some personality in the cars but again there are a lot of samey rat cars, slammed on cut springs, rusted on borderline unsafe and running mega cheap rims that have been stickerbombed to shit.

But did I miss out?

Short answer. Yes.

Just look at these unique cars there were on offer.

Gull wing for the win, always been a bit of a sucker when it comes to these doors. Ever since watching Back to the Future the the idea of having gull wing doors has been a fantasy of mine. So lets  just say I am little jealous of this Golf, that and I do love a tan interior.

When it comes to car shows what I really want to see is shit I never knew existed and this Jetta is one of them. And thanks to Dan at DSM Photos for pointing me in the right direction. I can tell you this car has 1200 bhp and a track time of 11.7 seconds, clocking 157 mph. Not to mention that front end, I mean come on. Aerodynamic and Jetta shouldn’t mix but it just looks so good. For more info check out the video below.

Now you can understand my surprise at seeing a Datsun 240 at Ultimate dubs. And I am still not too sure how I feel about this car. As I said, I like to see the unique and this is a one of the rarer build out there, JDM with a 2.8l German heart. It is one impressive looking car and I am sure the wiring in a the BMW engine was far easier than untangling the rats nest of wires that usually come with Jap cars. I just don’t know if I like it or not, I going to have to sit on the fence with this one. I’d like to hear your thoughts on  it though, so let me know in the comments below.


A big thanks to Dan from DSM Photos for supplying the photos, visit his page for more Ultimate Dubs porn;


And check out the Ultimate Dubs website for the latest show news;



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