The fast and f**ked

So you line up at the lights, hear a little rev and look over. They want a race. So what do you do? 

For a start if I’m going to have a spirited drive I usually check for feds before I do anything daft.

You’d think that spotting a large black SUV with a spotlight in your rear view mirror would be a huge red flag, and that it would hopefull pur you off doing something silly in your BMW M3.

Then again, if you have a one track mind, you’ve got no chance, just like these muppets racing a pair of BMW M3s. 

But it is still pretty hard to believe they both missed the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor sat behind them.
All the same, these two German sports saloons still lined up at the light and began racing each other as soon as the “green” light hit. Right behind them, the police, pulling them over a little bit further up the road.

You can’t help but see that the BMWs didn’t seem to be going all out, at least not straight off the line. It’s probably why the police had no trouble keeping up as all three cars accelerated past the intersection.
So moral of the story is, don’t be stupid. Always check before you do anything daft.

Drive safe


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