Subaru STI Loses Control Going Around Corner At 100 MPH!

I’m all for those spirited runs out in the countryside or a little bit of late night tunnel blasting. It’s all just a bit of fun when done right but if you can’t handle your motor it can soon turn in to a complete disaster.

Pushing your skills slowly is the way forward. Understand how and why you should react in a certain way. Tracks are the best please to practice hands down, but I know that not everyone is going to be able to afford track days or even want to do them. Either way, you need to learn your car, getting a feel for your suspension, knowing when it is likely to understeer.

How does your traction control react?

Do you double clutch when shifting?

Can you see the right line?

What’s the road surface like?

These are all skills that you should learn, even if you are not wanting to have a spirited drive they will put you in good stead. Those of you who want to hit the country roads, try to learn the roads in the daylight. Being aware of blind bends, summits or even large potholes will make a nighttime drive that bit more enjoyable. You’ll know where is safe to push and where it isn’t.

Double clutching is a racing technique but does help you maintain speed through the gears up and down but does take time to even feel slightly natural, most of you will granny shift but that doesn’t do your car any good nor will it make your driving smoother.

So where did this driver go wrong?

Simply put to much speed and misjudging the line they needed to take when approaching the bend. The fact that all the wheels lost traction and the car spun around, shows how much speed they were carrying. Had they had softer suspension the car could have rolled, they were incredibly lucky to get away with the minor damage caused.

Drive safe out there.


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