Static Royals end of season shut down

With a somewhat steady drive down the A64, the closer I got Scarborough the more modified cars began to appear on the roads. Having a little bit fun on the fairly quiet Sunday roads, made the two and bit hour drive that bit easier.
Pulling on to the seafront, you could see the heavy police presence after the dickhead that burnt through his tires at the last meet. This threw up some serious problems for the Static Royals admin team. With the council and the police each having a say on whether the Oasis cafe meets would ever happen again. The team really worked hard alongside the police to identify the driver of that caused more than £50k worth of damage to the road.

That said this was an extremely busy meet to say it was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. The night set in very quickly making photography very fun, to say the least. But the epic waves did make for a couple of good shots. Pretty saw my car got a decent salt bath parked up on the seafront. The atmosphere was a little tense but this was due to the police pulling people over and just doing laps of the main road.

You can’t blame them but you’d have to be extremely stupid to try something with this much attention on a meet. The Static Royal Admin had marshals in hi-vis jackets patroling the meet ensuring that everything ran smoothly. It was comforting to see that a car group can work with the local authorities to overcome what is a lot of public pressure to stop meets like this.

With the Oasis Cafe as the epicentre of the meet, food and hot drinks were on tap along with stickers and On Its Arse detailing products on sale opposite. To say it was an end of season meet it had a great vibe all be it a cold one at times. Everyone there seemed happy to chat and talk about their cars. It was great to see a show of force from other groups with the UK Custom Mods making an appearance as well as many others.

With the main road running through the middle of the meet, it did get a little busy and difficult to get some good shots but on the whole, the Static Royals did an amazing job organising the meet.  I look forward to going next year at the height of summer, instead of freezing at the end of year shut down.

I would highly recommend taking the drive over, there are some very impressive cars on show and great people about. For those who don’t live local, it is a full day affair, so I’d recommend joining a convoy just so you have bit of road company on the way over.

There are a few more meets left of this year but for me, I think the season is officially over with me stay local as possible.

Thanks again to the Static Royals team proving we are more than a group of boy racing dickheads.

We are car enthusiasts.


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