Reckless Nation Save the Strip meet

Last weekend saw glorious sunshine, blue skies and the Reckless Nation Save the Strip meet. If you weren’t aware, York Raceway is under threat from being shut down. The track requires major infrastructure upgrades as well as sponsors to help fund the development. Work is currently underway to remove some of the existing buildings and negations are still ongoing with numerous groups to keep the gates open.

The 2018 season has not been announced due to this, which is a real shame. York Raceway is one of the very few drag strips in the UK. To lose it would be a huge crime, UK car culture is constantly under attack from new legalisation, public safety orders and without venues like these it could die out altogether.

So it was incredibly refreshing to see Reckless Nation bring clubs and car enthusiast’s of all ages together in one meet to raise money to save the strip. Squires Café is the perfect venue, with large off road parking and a management team that is as passionate as us. There were around 500 cars attend the meet with some amazing club stands on display from, Bosu, Twisted Torque, Toxic Dubs, Corrupt Car Culture, Vaux Mad, Retro Rollerz and many more.

This felt more like a mini show than a standard meet, with stalls to wander around and a raffle as well as some incredible cars on display. There was everything from Hotrod to VIP stance, there were event prizes awarded by Reckless Nation;

  • Best in Show went to Martyn Coope in his Ratted VW caddy
  • Peoples choice award went to John bunting in his Rolls Royce
  • Best club stand Corrupt Car club, with a wide range of Nissan Skylines, Silvias, Toyota Supras etc

In total Reckless Nation raised £950.50 for the York Raceway, which is an astounding amount considering according to the mass media we are just a bunch of yobs out to cause a public nuisance. Don’t let York Raceway close, to find out how you can help check out their facebook page;


Here are links to some of the clubs and pages mentioned in the article;

Reckless Nation

Corrupt Car Culture

Twisted Torque

Toxic Dubs

Vaux Mad

Retro Rollerz


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