Porsche Caught Going Over 100mph

Patrick Roche, 52, and the company he is the director of were convicted on 7th February of failing to give information relating to the identity of a driver after the Porsche in question was caught overtaking a line of traffic doing 107mph on a 60mph road!

The white Porsche is registered to Mr Roche, with a private plate that bears a striking resemblance to his name. Both Roche and his company, The Durham Company Ltd T/A Max Recycle, told police that they didn’t know who from the company had been driving the car that day. However, as Operations Director, Roche is responsible for all vehicles used by the company.

At Carlisle Magistrates Court both Roche and his company were found guilty of failing to give information relating to the identity of a driver. Both have been fined £900 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £90 and £450. Roche also received 6 points on his license.

A police spokesperson said: “I hope this court result sends out a strong message that those who are caught putting the lives of other road users as risk by driving at ridiculous speeds will be held accountable for their actions. the efforts of Roche and his company to avoid liability made this a complex case to pursue. However, we cannot accept a company using poor book-keeping as a way to avoid being held accountable.”

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