Paul Walker of Fast And Furious and the JDM underground racer scene introduced plenty of us to the car world. The Fast and Furious franchise might have moved away from its street racing start, and you might have or might not have been a fan of the latest movies, but the death of Walker was undeniably tragic. Now, this new documentary will explore the actor’s life on and off the Fast and Furious.

‘I Am Paul Walker’, the documentary will be co-produced by Network Entertainment and Paramount. It will feature interviews with crewmates and friends, highlights from his film career, his love of marine life, and his philanthropic efforts in Haiti after the earthquake. Without a doubt, cars will take a starring role as well.

His car collection included a 2011 Porsche GT3 RS, 2008 BMW M3, three 1995 M3 examples, a 2004 GMC truck, and a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria. Walker has been a lifelong car enthusiast even before he landed the role in the first Fast and Furious film, behind the wheel of the iconic orange Toyota Supra.

“We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Paramount Network on the I Am series,” said Executive Producer, Paul Gertz, also Network Entertainment’s President and C.O.O. “We are proud to lead off our recently announced new four-picture series with this engaging documentary about the life and legacy of the very talented Paul Walker.”

Walker had 42 acting credits under his belt before he died at the age of 40 as the passenger in the much-publicised Porsche Carrera GT crash back in 2013.

More details about the documentary will emerge in the next few months.

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