One seriously f@#ked up rat rod

There are some weird cars out there with even weirder owners, but this Citroen C1, currently up for sale in Denmark, is unquestionably one of the most bizarre cars on the market at the moment.

For approximately $5,500, this heap of moving scrap could be yours .

Recently featured in the ‘My Crap Car’ YouTube series, the current owner of the little Citroen purchased it unbelievably stock. So the obvious thing to do with it was something “different”, he decided to totally transform the hatchback and swap it for a permanent droptop, transforming the body and creating something that would be perfect for an insurance friendly mad max.

He then casually decided to use an angle grinder to cut off the roof and make the driver’s door completely removable through a pair of hinges you’d expect to find on a cabin, not a car. Elsewhere, a bodykit has been fitted, 14-inch wheels installed and spray paint completing the massacre 

Since featuring in the  video, the owner has snuck two turbochargers onto the 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, creating an engine bay arguably more outlandish than Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V2.

So whoever ends up by this junk yard hot rod, is definitely going to be turning heads when they drive past. But good luck trying to find anyone willing to ride in it with you.

To get a fuller picture of the carnage watch this video.


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