We are not the skid marks in the carpark.

On Sunday the 26th of November a meet was held in Sheffield in memory of Paul Walker.

This meet was an opportunity for car enthusiast from all over the country to pay tribute to him. They gathered to show off their motors, meet new people and enjoy the car culture that the UK has to offer.

Car meets can bring in huge crowds, groups of like-minded people all chatting and even draw in a few curious passers-by. This type of event is not without its problems and on Sunday 26th November three cars at this meet was involved in a hit and run. A black Saab was speeding around the busy car park and lost control, colliding with some parked cars. Knocking both cars from the parking spaces and damaging the wheels and arches. The Black Saab was traveling at a considerable speed and is extremely lucky to have not caused more damage or worse. As a free event in a public car park, it is not possible to prevent anyone turning up or coming in.

Thankfully no one was injured and the details have been passed to police. Two of the three cars have been classified as write off by the insurance companies.

These two car enthusiasts share the same passion as we do. Spending their time and effort modifying their cars to make them as unique as their owner.

Due to the actions of one reckless driver, these two can no longer drive or show their motors.

No scene is without its dickheads, it just happens that our dickheads come with a ton of metal and rubber attached. While the show season this year has been pretty great on the whole. It is incidents like this that get us a bad name and get national coverage too.

Static Royals had to combat the burn out wanker and now, at the tribute meet the Modified Street Scene UK has to now tackle this head-on on.

And in the spirit of the season, Yorkshire Motors Admin team has created a Go Fund me page. To help these drivers get back in the road as soon as possible.


Now I am asking you to donate what you can but if you can’t, you can help out by sharing this article, tagging your mates and getting this link out there.

Let’s prove we are more than skids marks, load exhausts and bass.

We are car enthusiasts, that odd bunch who is always willing to help a friend in need out.


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