Modified Nationals 2018

Aching, tired and a little sweaty but would I do Modified National again? Without a doubt. Having just about recovered from a mental weekend filled with music, food, stunts and some amazing cars. There are very few car shows of this size in the UK and Modified Nationals 2018 did not disappoint, I was some what worried about the weather on the drive down the A1. With a stupid amount of surface water, I thought the ground was going to be boggy and camping was going to be a nightmare.

When I got to camp ground, around 10:30am it was starting to fill up fast. So if you are coming down in a large group I would reccomend you get there early to ensure you have enough space for everyone. Too say everyone was a little groggy from the drive, with some people coming all the way from the Netherlands, the atmosphere was still great.

As the day rolled on, the BBQ’s were lit and the beer was flowing, with all the cars parked up for the night it was time to relax. This is the part of car shows I enjoy the most, hanging out with friends and meeting new car nuts. I have to say everyone I spoke to seemed friendly and the guys that I camped next to were more than happy to lend a helping hand when it came to setting up the camp.

So after some food with the UK Custom Mods I wandered on to see what the night life was all about. Having seen photos and videos of last year I was looking forward to the “rave tent” to get my skank on.

As you walk in to the evening entertainment area, you are greeted by the wonderful scent of food, with everything from burgers to pizza and even Chinese on offer there was definitely something for everyone. Price-wise it was a bit more expensive than your local takeaway but to say we were a captive audience I didn’t think they were extortionate. They same goes for the bars, depending on what you were drinking and how much your bank account and head won’t like you in the morning.

There were a couple of rides on site which were £3 per ride which again isn’t too bad, they had bumper cars, some sort of crazy ass waltser fr saw 3 and the standard insanely high ride. When it came to music choices, you had two options, the “rave tent” and the retro tent. Then retro tent is the smaller of the two and does fill up faster giving it more of an atmosphere earlier on. Where as the “rave tent” was amazing once it had filled up and everyone was bouncing away.

After a good night and one too many lemonades, I stumbled back to my tent. Now here’s a little tip, I picked up one of these jump packs a while ago. It has 12 volt sockets and usb ports as well, not to mention if you’ve been using your boot build to keep the party going. It will come in handy when you need to move your motor. Treat yourself and get one now –

So after wonderful nights sleep on my ever deflating airbed, it was time to check out the show and shine cars. Being a JDM fanboy this Toyota BB did catch my attention but there were so many stunning cars on show, it is hard to write about them all. The indoor show arena is massive really, filled with loads of stalls and amazing cars, it then spills out into the atrium with even to look at. From the hyper-clean stance cars to insane sound systems, all the way to outright crazy 4×4 hello kitty post-apocalypse ford focus. For the full photos check out our facebook album here;

The club stands where amazing and the showground literally when on for miles. I would like to give a big shout out to the car girl culture club, what they are doing to get more women into the scene is brilliant. The more diversity the UK car culture has the better if you ask me, cars aren’t just for guys. Club stands are a great way to show off your club as well as meet other car nuts and get ideas for your build.

While there were actually hundreds of cars to look at there was also drift rides, stunt shows, low rider exhibitions and RC drifting going on. All that alongside the trade stands kept me busy for the whole weekend. There was even a second hot rod show you could look round as well. But I will tell you more about that in another article.

Honestly, this was a crazy weekend filled with amazing people and stunning cars, I would highly recommend you put this on your calendar for next year. Stay up to date with them on their facebook page;

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