An Irishman in Australia – Jack Shanahan takes on Drift Challenge Australia

After winning the IDC Jack Shanahan, not only picked up a good-looking trophy for the cabinet but also tickets to drift in Drift Challenge Australia. Drift Challenge Australia held the first official drift event on public roads. In the beautiful town of Mt Gambier, South Australia.

How do you think the DCA will differ from the IDC & BDC?

After watching some videos I think the driving standard will be pretty good but not too sure if the following will be the same but looking forward to driving with new drivers and leaning a bit about there style out there. An organisation known for pushing the boundaries of the sport, the DCA has even asked competitors not to use the handbrake to initiate, they want full commitment from their drifters.

So the real question for us UK fans is how will Jack stack up against Aussies. Not only has he got to adjust for the heat of the track, the unseen style of the DCA drivers but doing all that in a borrowed motor. It’s going to be nothing short of a blast for him and could mean big things for the likes of the BDC and IDC. What with Westlake sponsoring an Italian in the 2018 FD and new alliances being forage. We could see more international drivers hitting our tracks and few of ours making a splash on the other side of the pond.

So before his trip, I caught up with Jack;

Who are you most looking forward to battling?

I don’t know that many drifters from there so anybody will be fun!

Would ever consider doing a season outside the BDC/IDC like DCA or FD?

Yes, the 2018 season I will be competing in the Drift Masters Grand Prix so I’m looking forward to facing the new challenge!


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