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Huxley Motorsport Drift Car up for sale

This Huxley motorsport Volvo 245 estate v8 track/drift/BDC comp car is up for grabs on eBay at the moment. It is not often you will get the chance to buy a fully competition ready car, this type of car is only for those who are serious about competing, mind you. These track cars, although designed to drift are far more difficult to drive than your standard drift car. They are engineered to have more grip at high speeds, going sideways.

This is what you could buy;

Hux’s Volvo 245 from CarPromos on Vimeo.

It has even been featured by Speed Hunterz; http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/12/manfoot-huxley-sliding-to-infamy/

So as you can see it is a pretty famous car, want to know more?

Here is the Full Spec;


BMW 4ltr M60 B40 V8, Huxley Motorsport 2in exhaust manifolds, aftermarket air intake, Nissan S14 specification alloy rad and twin gm rad fans , twin 255lph fuel pumps new crank/knock/cam sensors all genuine BMW new PCV valve with inlet manifold seals powder coated cam covers new alternator a/c snitzer performance chip freshly serviced after each event including pas fluid new plugs etc


TTV Racing billet single piece flywheel and paddle clutch, BMW E39 five-speed manual gearbox, Prop Tec 650HP prop shaft, Volvo 240 rear axle with welded diff, 4.1 ratio


(Front) Nissan S14 (200SX/240SX)-based front suspension and brakes good pads and discs (standard volvo rear twin pots ), S14 hubs and castor brackets with Driftworks caster arms, HSD coilovers, S14 custom arms with rack moved forward and extended steering arms for 64 degrees of lock, Driftworks top caster adjustable top mounts, new front wheel bearings (Rear) Grp 4 Specification Escort four link kit TIG welded into cage and gussets, 5×120 bmw to 5×120 bmw 65mm Diemax spacers 64mm tt-tools billet aluminum spacers 5×100 volvo to 5×120 bmw and die max 5×100 volvo to 5×114.3 jap fitment 65mm billet aluminum spacers 22 inch front spacers


Enkei 17×9 5×114.3 ET22 running Pirelli P-zero 215/45x17in (front), 17×10 Borbets x4 (x2 are drift wheels only have been welded up) in 5×120, 17x8j contour reps, the 17×7.5 team dynamic Jap fitment wheels.


Volvo 240 shell with custom rear turrets, 38mm tube rear frame with 22mm side protection with wraps around a Harwood foam-filled tank, 1.5ltr swirl pot in sealed alloy box with twin fuel pumps Boshe 044s, 45mm main hoop and 38mm for the rest, NASCAR style door bars threaded through the B pillar for extended room, Volvo transmission tunnel deleted, new one fabricated along with diff panel and tunnels for exhaust, tube style front end with mounts just been repainted and strengthened for body parts and lights and rad support


Tube front grille with BMW E34 headlights, Dodge Charger-inspired style tube grill all freshly painted, all panels lightened extensively, GRP bonnet with mold too make more, BMW E34 front bumper cut to fit Volvo top half with custom canards to aid downforce and splitter, Nissan Skyline R33 GTST two-door side skirts cut to fit with alloy rear diffuser


Volvo bulkhead panel custom made to fit willwood bias cylinders for front and rear brakes with adjustable bar, Volvo dash flocked with Auto Meter race gauges and lights for fogs etc, Wilwood 625 cylinder with dagger-style lever, Sparco steering wheel with Sparco snap off boss fitted to S14 steering column, Sparco Evo drivers seat and new Sparco side mount passenger seat, RR harnesses s14 switches for wipers and indicators all work as they should (took a lot of fettling to make work)

Fire extinguisher set up with pull cords with jets in bonnet and cabin

Pull cord for emergency cut off all new

Lexen windows throughout and genuine Volvo front screen


There is some much more info on the eBay listing here;


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