HPI check to now include MOT history

HPI, has launched a free tool that allows you to check a vehicle’s MOT history. The MOT History Check provides information directly from the DVLA for every MOT test performed on the car and its current tax status.Making it easier to spot a less than trustworthy used car.

The launch comes following recent reports from Retail Motor Industry Federation and Scottish Motor Trade Association that reckon 90 percent of garages have seen an increase in the number of customers bringing in cars that have an expired MOT.

Fernando Garcia, consumer director at hpi, said, “Motorists can use this service to check the MOT status of their own vehicle or one they’re interested in buying and also get MOT and road tax renewal reminders two weeks before they are due. There is a growing problem with MOT inaccuracies which could result in a higher risk of mechanical failure and subsequent repair costs as well as posing danger to drivers and pedestrians. One of the reasons behind the tool is to help combat clocking and keep motorists safe. 1 in 16 cars we check has a mileage discrepancy which equates to around 2.3m vehicles on UK roads.”

“If a vehicle currently has an active MOT certificate it’s probably safe to assume that any previous MOT refusal notes have been actioned. This isn’t necessarily the case for MOT Check advisory notes which may or may not have been acted upon. Our MOT history check information is very comprehensive and dates back to 2005 which means we can access records for any vehicle that has had an MOT since then.”

One of the big advantages of the tool being able to spot signs of falsified mileage and to ensure they avoid buying a used car which may have been ‘clocked’ as well as not having a full MOT history.

Stay safe out there.


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