Hoonigan have found the cheapest running MX5 NA ever.

Now with some of the NA’s now being over 25 years old, they have become a bit of a cult classic. The perfect starter drift car, a good combination of a small(ish) engine, good chassis, and cheap fuel economy. Has caused the price of these cars to climb, especially within the UK market. The NA is becoming harder and harder to find and anything up for less than £500 tends to be a complete rot box with some form of mechanical issue.

So for the Hoonigans to find one that actually runs for $200 is insane. Admittedly I would have snapped that bargain up myself, much to the missus’s dismay.  It does look a little abused and the previous owner reckons, he’s blown the engine but the car still runs just overheating.

The real question is would you take this on as a project?

Like most fives, the welding work looks a little ropey in some parts of the car and there is definitely some questionable mods. There are few a couple of concerning signs on the car that has the Hoonigan team split on whether it’s worth buying but when the other car on the table is a Toyota MR2. I know which rot box I’d prefer to buy, especially when they are planning on drifting it.

But watching Vin do the old first to reverse burnout trick, to get those tires smoking definitely proves that the MX5 is a solid choice.  It’s going to be a great series to follow as these guys turn this beater into what is most likely going to be an absolute drift missile. The ebay turbo kit is on order and the team is already starting to make plans to get this like five doing donuts.



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