Halfords Advanced 18 piece metric socket set review

Tools are without a doubt the staple for any garage and you would be forgiven if you didn’t have any Halfords Advanced tools in your collection. I mean Halfords as a whole isn’t held in the highest regard in the car community. But I will say this, you can’t fault the Halfords Advanced life time guarantee. They have a no quibble policy that means if it’s broken they swap it, the only thing they don’t do is replace it if you loose it.

I picked up this 18 piece metric socket set for a tidy sum of £12.50 in their insane 50% sale. It still comes with the life time guarantee as well. For a basic socket set it has pretty much all the sizes I need for most jobs on the Mazda. The action on the ratchet is pretty good, I do like the button locking mechanism on the back of it. It just seems to hold the sockets that little bit more securely. The build quality of the set is good and the case is a solid one. From owning cheaper sets, the case is usually what lets them down. Not locking properly when shut and you loose a lot of sockets that way. The Halfords Advanced cases are very well made and locks tight which is great.

Now I don’t consider myself to be an expert mechanic by a long shot, so I can’t really compare the quality against someone like Snap On. But for the average car enthusiast, who likes to work on your own car. I highly recommend picking up a set, the life time guarantee means if you brake a tool trying to loosen a seized bolt or something. You don’t have to go buy another and I’m all for not paying for the same thing twice.

Weirdly I discovered that Halford sell their stuff on ebay as well and time to time some really good deals pop up so check out the link below.

Halford Advanced socket set


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