Drift Cup driver Owen Atkinson

The Drift Cup is the feeder series, the only route for competitors who wish to drive in the British Drift Championship. The top eight drivers from each HEL Drift Cup round will be offered a place at the following BDC event, to compete in the pro-am group.

Owen Atkinson started watching drifting back in 2006 over at the Teesside Autodrome. Over time his interest grew into an obsession watching Eurodrift (a previous iteration of the British Drifting Championship), European Drift Championship, Pro Drift, JDM Allstars.

Jump forward to 2010 Owen bought his first rear wheel drive car, an MX5. Like most drift cars it never started life as a drift project, he got the car looking nice and how he wanted. But then in January 2012, he took a trip up to Teesside with a friend Martin Flinn who also had an MX5 and that was where his actual drifting addiction started.

After that he was hooked; every month or even more often he was up at Teesside skidding, in this pretty much stock 1.8 Mx5.

He then took part in the Northern Drift Championship, which saw the Teesside track being used in a number of different layouts for each round. Throughout 2012 he knew he needed something more competitive with more power. So at that point, he made the decision to a force a V8 Lexus engine into a Mx5 And at the end of 2013 a monster was born and the car saw the track.

Whilst building the v8 Mx5 he converted a Subaru Legacy GTB twin turbo to be RWD only using a centre diff spool and caged it to get a bit of twinning practice in through 2013 whilst the v8 Mx5 was under construction.

He then spent the next a couple of years refining the car, getting used to it and competed in one round of the Drift Cup in 2015. In 2016 he competed in 3 rounds of the Drift Cup, getting to visit more tracks for the first time.

2017 saw his first full season of Driftcup, he was hanging around the top 8 all season until Teesside where a gearbox blew up on practice, and he couldn’t compete and then Drift Land was a catastrophic failure which left him 12th position in the season overall.

He is currently building a new car for the 2018 season which hopefully will be finished on time and he can retire the Mx5 for some much-needed rest and possibly more modifications.

Owen is completely self-funded at this stage paying for the rounds, fuel, tyres, hotels etc. He did, however, receive his lock kit from IRP last year on full sponsorship which is always a good sign that a driver is going in the right direction.

Like all drivers, sponsorship would be lovely from a tyre and a competition perspective.

Hopefully, he will be at the next Teeside drift day on the 11th of February so we can see him in action, but he is concentrating on building his comp car at the moment.


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