Culture Gang Jem Speed Meet

I attended my first car meet of 2018. Jem Speed had previously hosted Culture Gangs car meet last year and the photos looked brilliant. So I had to get down to this one.

As a privately owned venue for meets, Jem Speed is a fantastic choice. The company was originally based in Bradford and moved out to Batley around two years ago. In the last 12 months, the five-strong management team has worked alongside colleagues to turn Jem Speed into a second home for petrol heads.

With an increasing difficulty to find locations to hold car meets. Culture Gangs admin team made a smart choice to move theirs to Jem Speed. Working hard to bring somewhat of a car show feel to the meet. With trade stands and the clubs best cars taking pride of place outside the front doors.

For those that got there early enough, you may have made it into the courtyard. It was quickly filled and the surrounding streets were filled with modified motors. Which attracted the usual attention from the boys in blue. Not to mention the local scooter scroates popping wheelies and bombing around without helmets on.

That didn’t spoil the atmosphere of the meet. With a choice of motors from classic to modern. There was something for everyone. Even those with a more acquired taste, just look at that drag strip ready hot rod. With superb sound systems on display and a bit of revving going on it was a great place to hang out and chat with other car nuts.

Like all free car meets, the organisers can’t control who shows up. All they can do is try to control the situation as it evolves and to those doing burnouts in the road. It was not the time or the place for that. I don’t and I’m sure Culture Gang don’t condone it either.

Moving inside there was an absolute treasure trove of motorbikes and classic cars. With this insane Raleigh bike taking pride of place at the bottom of the stairs.

Among the classic cars was this little gem. Check out the patina on that POLIZEI Trabant. There aren’t many of them left on the road.

Not only was the inside a warm escape from the cold, with the trade stands there decent amount to look at. The Culture Gang had their full range of hoodies, snapbacks and detailing products on sale. As well as Callum Lowes new favorite, the CG woolie hat.

Auto Vizions brought a huge range of stickers and t-shirts.

Moose Juice energy drink was something I must admit I’d heard of but never tried. It is a zero sugar energy that genuinely tastes good. After knocking back a can, I was wide awake but it didn’t have the same feel as other energy drinks. I just felt more alert and focussed not hyperactive, which came in handy with some much to see at this meet. The Moose Juice team will be out and about at some of the upcoming meets and shows. So if you get the opportunity to try this stuff. DO.

Will from On Its Arse kindly took some time to educate on Citrus Snow Foam that is designed to help remove the salt that gets stuck to your motor. Being an MX5 owner, my sills and arches are already a worry without having to think of the extra rust being caused by all that grit on the roads. Detailing is not my expertise but Will took the time to explain to me what was in his products and why.  If you see him at meet do not hesitate to go and have chat.

Jem Speed has it all for petrol heads, there is a vintage shop, tattooist, motorbike sales and Wendy’s Barber. It was here that Wendy was tasked with the lovely job of lowering Callum Lowe’s ears.

Just look at the grin on “Baldilocks”, he really took one of the team and shave off his hair to raise money for MIND. A mental health charity that prides itself on helping those who really need support. An amazing and worthwhile cause, hats off to you. Or should I say hats on?

After all the cars, people, merch, and haircuts, I was Hank Marvin. To me, this is the best part of having a car meet at a proper venue. Being able to grab a decent bite to eat and hang you with your mates. The service was good, the chips were hot and the chili dog had a nice kick to it.

For the lucky few who weren’t driving, they could grab a cheeky craft beer from the on-site bar with adjoining free pool room.

It was a top a night I really enjoyed catching up with people I’d seen for a while and meeting new ones too. If you are looking for more information on any of the pages mentioned links will be at the bottom of the article.

Don’t just take my word for it, here is a video the meet;


Culture Gang

Jem Speed

Moose Juice



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