Police troll Ferrai driver after crash

Every Ferrari driver’s nightmare came true, when this man crashed his £175,000 supercar.  To rub a little salt in the already massive wound, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) shared a picture of the wreck on Twitter along with some epic comments. At first, they questioned whether the driver was actually driving just a

Street racing haven

Social media is making street racers easier to find, but not to catch. KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Generations of drag racers have grown up in Kansas City. When the city decided to turn the area’s only dragstrip into a park in 2011, it appeared to put the brakes on races. The city purchased

Seat Leon now decides if your fit to drive

A set of 19 new life-saving car technologies have been revealed in the Seat Leon Christobel concept car, with the potential introduction in 2019. The technology-packed five-seat hatchback are aimed at reducing deaths and accidents from speeding, distraction, drink and drug driving and putting your seatbelt on, especially among younger drivers. “These are all technologies

The fast and f**ked

So you line up at the lights, hear a little rev and look over. They want a race. So what do you do?  For a start if I'm going to have a spirited drive I usually check for feds before I do anything daft. You'd think that spotting a large black SUV

Police get car tuning lessons

In FRESNO, California Law enforcement officers are now getting a lesson in what stock parts street racers are swapping out to tube their cars and trucks. Officers from several different agencies are learning what to look for under the hood that is illegal and citable. So there will be no more

Spotted Bradford Top cars Valley

This weekend saw the third meet, Spotted Bradford Top Cars held at Valley. Having missed the one before, where the turn out was mental. There was not a chance in hell I was missing this one. And it did not disappoint, arriving at 7:30 pm the car park was already filling

Boy racers are killing car culture 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taNFB29m3rI&feature=share I want to make a point of saying I am not against spirited driving, loud exhausts, revving engines and hand brake turns. They just have a time and place. Supermarket car parks are not one of them. If we want to meet en mass and hang out it business owned car