Race car to Family Car

My heart sank as I shut the garage door on my Mazda knowing it will be some time before I get to drive it again. To add insult to injury I then bought a "compact MPV". This is a car I never thought I would have to buy but at some

The Silent Driver

For the last few months, the lonely driver has become the silent driver.Among many other things, I had lost my drive to keep up to date with the car scene. Like many of you, I have quietly been battling depression. Mine came to a complete head when I made some very

Are Drift Academies Worth It?

Drift training or track day? It's a tough decision to make, what is the most cost-effective way to learn? Streeto is not an option by the way. If you are looking to try it out and have mates with drift cars, paying on as an extra driver is probably the best option

How to buy a drift car

Chelsea DeNofa is a Formula Drift driver in the top tier Pro category. In Formula Drift, he pilots a Ford Mustang RTR for Vaughn Gittin Jr's RTR Drift Team. On the side Chelsea has been running a YouTube channel. Where he has a vlog series following him working and having

Subaru STI Loses Control Going Around Corner At 100 MPH!

I'm all for those spirited runs out in the countryside or a little bit of late night tunnel blasting. It's all just a bit of fun when done right but if you can't handle your motor it can soon turn in to a complete disaster. Pushing your skills slowly is the

One seriously f@#ked up rat rod

There are some weird cars out there with even weirder owners, but this Citroen C1, currently up for sale in Denmark, is unquestionably one of the most bizarre cars on the market at the moment. For approximately $5,500, this heap of moving scrap could be yours . Recently featured in the ‘My Crap

Hate in the car scene

The more meets I traveled to, the more people I met, the more I am became aware of the hate that is floating around in the scene. There seems to be a lot of drama over mods to cars, between groups and I have even witnessed people stirring shit up