A new generation of Automotive Art

Barugzai, the new definition of automotive styling. To some, styling can be seen as a very personal and particular philosophy but to them, it’s about creating eternal art and perfecting the craft to pave the way into the future. Barugzai is emanated from the impression that just as you can make

Mobile Column Lifts

Over at Lonely Driver Club HQ (otherwise known as my garage) we have been looking into workshop/garage equipment and have come across mobile column lifts made by SEFAC USA and they seem so good that I wanted to share them with you! SEFAC USA started manufacturing and selling lifts in the

Hit-and-run leaves 1 dead and 6 injured in Wigan

A 34-year-old woman has died from injuries in hospital after the Polo she was driving collided with a Mercedes and a VW Amarok on Bickershaw Lane, Wigan at 1730 on Saturday 20th April. The Amarok fled the scene and was later found abandoned. Three men, two aged 20 and one aged 21,

Repping your club could cost you your insurance

Adding stickers to your car without telling your insurance provider could mean a claim isn’t paid out, or your policy gets cancelled! Reverand Wena Parry, 75, sent photos of her car (sporting some Jesus related stickers) to her insurer as part of a claim. The insurance company responded telling her that

10 of the weirdest car related world records

Tightest car parallel parkingStunt driver Alastair Moffatt slid a Fiat 500C into a space that was just 7.5cm longer than the actual car with a little help from the handbrake! He'd have no trouble parking in a busy town centre. Fastest time to park 50 cars - in a car parkThe current record is 22 minutes and 16.7 seconds, it was set at Gatwick

Mazda CX-4 – Coming to Europe!

Ahead of its debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Mazda have released this shadowy rear shot of the new CX-4. It is expected to enter production in late 2019, which would suggest a UK launch late this year or early next year. Think of this as a rival to

7 Tips to Avoid Online Car Tax Scams

Drivers are being warned to watch out for online car tax scams, following a recent increase of fraudsters pretending to be from the DVLA. The criminals are sending fake texts and emails to drivers in an attempt to steal personal information and bank details. In the last 3 months of

Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans Special Edition

Car manufacturer Bugatti turns 110 this year and to celebrate they are making 20 special edition models of the Chiron Sport. "With the limited Chiron Sport 110 Ans, Bugatti is ushering in the 110th anniversary of it's foundation" said President of Bugatti Automobiles, Stephan Winkelmann, "Molsheim in the Alsace region

Porsche Caught Going Over 100mph

Patrick Roche, 52, and the company he is the director of were convicted on 7th February of failing to give information relating to the identity of a driver after the Porsche in question was caught overtaking a line of traffic doing 107mph on a 60mph road! The white Porsche is registered

11 of the Most Annoying UK Driving Habits

Middle lane hogging - this makes it harder for other drivers to overtake. Despite police pledges to prosecute middle-lane hoggers, nothing has changed.Taking the slip road late so you miss queuing traffic - the junction exit is signalled a mile in advance. Those that don't move into the inside lane,