A new generation of Automotive Art

Barugzai, the new definition of automotive styling. To some, styling can be seen as a very personal and particular philosophy but to them, it’s about creating eternal art and perfecting the craft to pave the way into the future. Barugzai is emanated from the impression that just as you can make

Federico Sceriffo takes on Formula Drift

With Formula Drift coming to Long Beach California in a matter of weeks now, we caught up with the Italian Stallion Federico Sceriffo who is looking to make a name for himself stateside. What prompted the move to FD? New challenges and it has always been something on my bucket list

Kirtsty Widdrington BDC 2018 pre season interview

Throughout the 2017 season Kirsty improved on each outing, unfortunately, her standings in the pro-am league didn't reflect her progress. Towards the back of the season, she really got the car dialed in, working hard with her mechanical team. The third round of the competition being far more successful than the

Drift Cup driver Owen Atkinson

The Drift Cup is the feeder series, the only route for competitors who wish to drive in the British Drift Championship. The top eight drivers from each HEL Drift Cup round will be offered a place at the following BDC event, to compete in the pro-am group. Owen Atkinson started

The fast and f**ked

So you line up at the lights, hear a little rev and look over. They want a race. So what do you do?  For a start if I'm going to have a spirited drive I usually check for feds before I do anything daft. You'd think that spotting a large black SUV

Kirsty Widdrington

So while at Japfest, I caught up with Kirsty Widdrington. She was on the Super Pro stand,  along with a few other members of her team. Kirsty is currently sat in 32nd in the pro am standing. But after seeing her performance at the NEC. There is going to be

Lee’s Modified Workshop

Lee's Modified Workshop recently opened in Bradford and I went to meet the man behind the work, Lee. The first thing I noticed about Lee is how modest he is, this is a guy who spent 18 years in the army but is happy to chat with anyone. Doing 3 tours