Bradford New Years Eve Audi R8 crash

It has been an eventful New Years Eve with the Bradford Audi R8 crashes, the high powered cars are often hired for special occasions and those that hire them, want to have the most fun possible with it.

It is not uncommon to see them racing around the streets of Bradford and it was only going to be a matter of time before one crashed.

However, I would like to point out that the white Audi R8 below, crashed on the M606 due to poor road surface conditions. It is unclear if they were speeding or just unlucky.

One Audi R8 has been badly damaged in a crash on the motorway overnight. The driver of the R8 was not injured in the incident, West Yorkshire Police have revealed.

Police tweeted: “Fortunately the driver of this vehicle escaped injury, thanks in part to the way modern cars are designed and built these days.

“There is still a large amount of standing water on the M62 and M606. Please slow down and keep your distance.”

Further information has come forward suggesting the White Audi R8 was racing a BMW M5 down the m606.

The yellow Audi R8 was hired from a local firm for New Year’s Eve and was seen speeding through the streets in Bradford. From the video footage, you can see the car was doing 60+ mph in what appears to be a 30 mph zone. The Audi then collides with a parked people carrier, with such a force that it knocks the car up.

While the passengers of the people carrier appear to be ok, but they will be shock up after such an impact. Due to the ride height of the R8 the driver seems to have been lucky enough to escape with minor injuries and the car is seen turning on to the other side of the road.

The police were quickly on the scene and medical attention was given to those who need it. Not the type of news that you want to start the new year with but on the bright side, you hang over can’t be making you feel any worse than the driver of the yellow R8.

We have reached out for further information regarding both crashes and will be updating this article as the information comes in.


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