Bradford Modified Shotgun meet

For what was a last minute car meet, the Bradford Modified club had some good numbers.

While admittedly not a huge fan of the “let’s meet at the supermarket car park”, I have yet to find a better solution for a venue to hold local meets. Not many places have a big enough space. But that being said this Lidl Car park is far enough away from a residential area, that the police are willing to leave you too it.

On the ride down to the meet, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a complete let down or not. Turning corner on to Ingleby Road you could hear the distinct sound of exhausts and as you grew closer the heavy pulsing of a sub.

It was on.

It was a similar crowd to the last meet, but the atmosphere was totally different. Without the police presence, everyone seemed pretty chilled out.

There was a decent range of cars too from Fiestas to classic Mercs. Personally I like old and Jap but I still appreciate the effort people put in to their cars.

The attention to detail on this Fiesta was unreal. Colour coordinated engine bay and trims, some really nice touches.

After a mooch around the cars, got chatting to the Culture gang guys. If you didn’t manage to see them you definitely heard them, the red Golf packing a serious sub.

While the build isn’t quite finished yet it, still packed a punch. It will be one impressive car when he’s finished with.

Now Stuttgarts on an Astra. If you had asked me how I felt about this before seeing the car.

I would have laughed.

But it works, I mean Stuttgarts are a VAG thing for obvious reasons and Vauxhalls tend to have their own look. But this blending of the scenes does look good, it’s a unique combo at the very least.

Talking about unique, I have to give this Audi a mention.

Purple metallic flake.

Tastefully lowered with a real head turner of a paint job, it nearly stole the show for me. But what really got me excited was this GTR.

It was just a clean, good looking, old Japanese car.

Can’t help being biased.
Have to say I was pretty shocked at how good the meet was. Not what I expected, the more chilled atmosphere and lack of police made the whole night that bit more enjoyable.

Culture Gang

Bradford Modified Club

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