Bradford Modified Club – Tesco Great Horton Meet

The sun came out for what was set to be a great car meet. This is the first event Bradford Modified Club have hosted at the new venue, Tesco on Great Horton road. And the turn out was brilliant, it was great to see cars from all the different groups rocking up. The previous car meets used to be at Lidl but the club soon out grew that small car park. Check out their last meet here.

What has impressed me is the increasing number of well maintained classics being showcased at the Bradford Modified Club car meets. Take this first generation Toyota Celcia, not only are these car like gold dust. To see one in such great condition is unbelievable.

One car that was getting a lot of attention and was this Ferrari F355 replica. Everything about this car was super clean, the build quality from what I could see looked amazing. There was some nice attention to detail in the interior as well.

Another was the Barugzai Range Rover sport from EnKhanz. This car has some serious presence and had a lot people rubber necking when it arrived. This is the second Barugzai I have seen, the first was in this video by Reflexion Studio. I have to admit while the styling isn’t to my taste, you’ve got to admire the attention to detail. From the well designed rear splitter to the jewel encrusted badges.

With the Bradford Modified Club  car meets growing in size, the food car was a welcomed addition and seemed very popular. These club meets are starting to turn in to mini events. With the size of the turn outs, it must be difficult for the BMC admins to find venues big enough. 

The police did show there face at the meet on Sunday but there was no hassle. While yes, there were load cars and a little bit engine revving and  some exhaust popping. On the whole I wouldn’t have said it was at a antisocial level. However it was great to see the organiser actively engaging with the police and wanting to work with them to ensure meets like this can happen. During the course of the meet you would see him pop up and move cars along if they were causing issues with the flow of traffic through the car park.

I really enjoyed Sundays meet, the atmosphere was chilled and there were a strong range of car to look at. I can’t wait for the next one.

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