Boy racers are killing car culture 

I want to make a point of saying I am not against spirited driving, loud exhausts, revving engines and hand brake turns.

They just have a time and place. Supermarket car parks are not one of them. If we want to meet en mass and hang out it business owned car parks then we need to be respectful of the business and the surrounding houses. Because while Doris in number 34 might be the one phoning the police because there is a “gang fight” happening in Sainsbury’s car park. It is the family of 4 with two young kids getting pissed off because they just want their kids to have a decent nights sleep.

While yes the whole boy racer thing is a right of passage but there is a huge difference between binning your Corsa on an industrial estate and blowing an engine in the middle of a council estate.

With the section 59 warning basically being at the attending officers digression, you’ll find they are more likely to be easy on you if your not annoying the fuck out of the locals. What you have to remember is that if you are issued with 2 section 59 warnings within 12 months you loose your car, they will just impounded it.

I’m all for the younger guys getting involved with British car culture, I just think as part of the “older generation” it is our job to give a little guidance and call a cunt, cunt not just ignore them.


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