A new generation of Automotive Art

Barugzai, the new definition of automotive styling. To some, styling can be seen as a very personal and particular philosophy but to them, it’s about creating eternal art and perfecting the craft to pave the way into the future.

Barugzai is emanated from the impression that just as you can make statements with lifestyle accessories, this era’s vehicles can also be seen as an amplification of this. A vehicle to us is not just an assemblage of mechanical parts designed to take you to your desired destination, it can be exhilarating – an extension of one’s charisma.

They are premium 4×4 and luxury vehicle tailors. With a team of young, dynamic and passionate designers and experienced engineers, we create exclusive and elegant automotive products, allowing our customers to transform their vehicles into iconic design statements.

Barugzai has designed, engineered and built a catalogue of body kits, alloy wheels and leather interiors and accessories. They are constantly innovating new automotive products – supplied globally. It’s their mission that every Barugzai client has a unique experience and is truly overwhelmed by the elegance and style of their completed vehicle.

Following the successful launch of their 22” and 24” alloy wheel collection in the previous year, 2019 makes way for Barugzai. The new year started with the launch of their flagship body kit for the Range Rover Sport, Cabaro.

This received a huge response on social media, the launch video itself gained over 250k viewers. From this, the clientele list grew, making Barugzai internationally renowned – this started the idea for the Barugzai360 programme. With clientele from across the globe, Barugzai is the first automotive styling brand to fly out the official chief fitter from their partner, EnKahnz, to oversee the whole process of the conversion – personally, by hand, fitting in the interior to the exterior, making sure that it has been tailored with the highest attention to detail and unparalleled quality. 

Barugzai currently has clientele stretching out to the exotic Middle East all the way to central Europe. Their most recent successes have been abroad. Barugzai’s signature client in Morocco called out the chief fitter to come and do a full vehicle conversion on his Range Rover Sport. Barugzai handled all products from exterior to interior. With special attention paid to the fitting of their new flagship 24” premium alloy wheel, Majestic. This wheel was specifically designed for the intention to capture the Middle Eastern market, with the inspiration coming directly from the artistic movements found in Arabian architecture.

See videos below for more details about Barugzai and their latest and most exciting projects:

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