7 Tips to Avoid Online Car Tax Scams

Drivers are being warned to watch out for online car tax scams, following a recent increase of fraudsters pretending to be from the DVLA. The criminals are sending fake texts and emails to drivers in an attempt to steal personal information and bank details. In the last 3 months of 2018 there were around 1.275 reports made to the DVLA about online scams!

The DVLA have suggested the below 7 tips to avoid falling victim to these scams:

  • Only use gov.uk websites when looking for information online so you know the service is legitimate.
  • Watch out for scam emails, the DVLA will never ask for personal details by email.
  • Don’t use third party websites that charge fees for things that are free on gov.uk websites
  • Never use a premium rate phone number to call the DVLA. All DVLA numbers start with 0300 and charged at local rates.
  • Don’t share images of your licence or vehicle documents on social media.
  • Ignore any text messages about vehicle tax refunds, the DVLA never sends texts.
  • Report any suspected scams to Action Fraud.

Dave Pope, Chief Information Security Officer at the DVLA said “When looking for contact details or any of the DVLA’s digital services, you should only use gov.uk so you can be sure that you’re dealing with the DVLA. Posting on social media is a way of life for most drivers, however they may not realise they risk setting themselves up as a prime target for fraudulent activity.”

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