11 of the Most Annoying UK Driving Habits

  1. Middle lane hogging – this makes it harder for other drivers to overtake. Despite police pledges to prosecute middle-lane hoggers, nothing has changed.
  2. Taking the slip road late so you miss queuing traffic – the junction exit is signalled a mile in advance. Those that don’t move into the inside lane, and instead stream past traffic and zip up the outside lane on the sip road rely heavily on that lane being empty – sometimes it isn’t.
  3. Taking up 2 parking spaces – this one speaks for itself. Don’t be that guy, make sure you park within the lines of your parking space with consideration for other drivers (vehicle length permitting).
  4. Stopping people zip merging – zip merging is safe, sensible and recommended by the Highway Code. It keeps the flow of slow traffic moving.
  5. Accelerating up to red lights – usually done because you’re in the wrong lane and are basically telling the other queuing driver: “As soon as these lights goo amber, I’m going to cut you up”.
  6. Changing lanes in slow moving traffic – science actually shows that you don’t reach your destination any quicker than those that are waiting in the same lane, you merely impede the flow of traffic.
  7. Queuing for right hand fuel pumps – I know, I know it’s easier for you, but most pumps will reach across a car so save yourself some time and use whichever is free.
  8. Braking for average speed cameras – they’ve been clocking your speed over the distance since the last camera, or over several cameras, so driving over the limit and then braking for the camera is completely pointless.
  9. Driving below the speed limit – the speed limit is there for a reason. It isn’t just a suggestion, it isn’t the maximum you can go, it’s the speed at which you should be travelling! Driving too slow causes accidents too.
  10. Arguing with traffic wardens – as annoying as you may find them, they don’t make the rules and nor do they have the power to change them on the spot.
  11. Not letting another vehicle turn right – it takes less than a minute and makes everyone’s life easier. Though if the other driver doesn’t give a wave of appreciation then road rage is appropriate.

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