Get Drift Fit

The Australian based company Battleist has developed a new innovative piece of motorsport technology suitably called the ‘DriftBit’. Essentially a ‘Fitbit’ or ‘Strava’ for drift cars, it was built specifically with drifting in mind to meet a want and need in this ever-growing sport. The feature packed, affordable and accurate
device is going to shake up the sport by enabling drivers to record and analyse their drift session data,
stream live data to friends or pit crew, compete with other drivers and much more

Amateur drifters themselves, the founders of Battelist identified a need in the market for a modern
solution that could accurately record and analyse drift car data that didn’t cost a small fortune.
The DriftBit package consists of a small hardware device that makes use of a mix of motion and GPS sensors running proprietary software to calculate live drift statistics. It is coupled wirelessly with the users mobile phone running the Battleist app which is used as both the user interface and controller of the DriftBit. Once a drift session is complete the user can review the data on the mobile app and sync to the cloud where they can analyse a real time replay of their session with statistic overlays. Important information such as the course the car took, speed, drift angle, rate to drift angle, corner entry/exit speeds and drift duration are all calculated and available for the user to review through friendly interfaces that make use of Google Map technology.

“We have been working with some of Australia’s top drifters to develop and refine our product and so far the feedback we have received has been amazing. Drivers are loving what we’ve made. ” said Michael Vernuccio, Co-Founder and ChiefExecutive Officer of Battleist. “Everyone I have spoken to at drift events across Australia is super excited about the DriftBit and can’t wait to get their hands on one”

  • Live Data Streaming:DriftBit’s live feature enables users to stream their drift data live over the internet
    so Judges and/or pit crews can view their position, speed, drift angle etc. live on a Google Map from a
    mobile or desktop device. It also opens up a host of new possibilities for drift events such as increased
    judging accuracy and a new level of audience immersion.
  • Vehicle Performance: The vehicle performance feature takes advantage of the DriftBit’s advnced sensors to accurately calculate the cars horsepower and 0-100km/h (0-60mph) times. A car’s steering lock is also
    able to be calculated so drifters can tune and dial in their setups.
  • Community: DriftBit will enable drivers to connect and share with other DriftBit users. DriftBit turns a
    car into an E-Sports device. From seeing and learning how other drivers tackled a course to virtually
    competing against each other. Bragging rights can now be backed up by data.

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