10 of the weirdest car related world records

Tightest car parallel parking
Stunt driver Alastair Moffatt slid a Fiat 500C into a space that was just 7.5cm longer than the actual car with a little help from the handbrake! He’d have no trouble parking in a busy town centre.

Fastest time to park 50 cars – in a car park
The current record is 22 minutes and 16.7 seconds, it was set at Gatwick airport in 2012 by a Meteor Meet and Greet driver. Brodie Branch parked 50 cars of varying sizes by himself in that time.

Longest time to kiss a car
Mexicans Ernesta Hernandez Ambrosio and Jesus Juarez Vite spent 76 hours kissing their car in 2013. Though I think the man who got down and dirty with his car on a dual carriageway might have them in the competition to see who loves their car the most!

Most countries visited by a car
German Gunther Holtorf spent 26 years (between 1988-2014) driving his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, which he has nicknamed Otto, around the world. In that time he visited 180 countries!
If you don’t happen to have 26 years to spare then you could always try the record for the most countries visited in one continuous car journey. This record is at 111 countries and is held by Americans Jim Rogers and Paige Parker. They travelled over 152,000 miles over three years in their custom built Mercedes G-Wagen with the body of a yellow SLK convertible.

Fastest wheel change
Four technicians from tyre specialist Reifen Umert in Germany changed all four wheels on a Ford Focus in 58.43 seconds in 2015. This included the time it took to jack up the vehicle and they used traditional hand-held wheels braces to remove the wheel nuts.

Most stickers on a car
Six Lithuanian students currently hold this record. They applied 14,637 different stickers to a Nissan X-Trail. It took them an impressive 23 hours!

Greatest distance by car underwater
No one currently holds this record, but before you think about dipping your car wheels in the water and driving a few feet you should know that Guiness have said that in order to win this record you must drive at least 1,500 metres underwater. It would take a serious amount of mods to enable a car to do this we reckon!

Heaviest aircraft pulled by a production car
In April 2017 a Porsche Cayenne S diesel towed a 516 seat Airbus A380 for a whopping 42 metres as part of a publicity stunt at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport.
The standard Cayenne produces 627lb ft of torque so you’re going to need a pretty hefty car (and an even heftier aircraft) to beat this one! The Airbus A380 weighs 285 tonnes.

Largest GPS drawing by a car
This record was set by a Vauxhall Corsa in 2014 as part of a publicity stunt by Vauxhall. Artist Jeremy Wood drove a total of 6,080 miles around the UK, drawing a Halloween themed image.

Longest continuous car skid
This record has only ever been set accidentally! It is currently held by American Norman Craig Breedlove. In 1964 he lost control of a jet powered car on the Bonneville Salt Flats and left skids marks that were nearly six miles long.

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