Who’s the bigger donut, the DVLA or this “stupid” teen?

So the DVLA failed to spot Eve Paterson’s mistake when she sent off for an updated card. And she was blown away when she received her license and immediately posted a photo of it on twitter.

She posted it on Twitter saying: “I’ve had to update my license and accidentally wrote ‘My dad’s house’ on it

The photo shows Eve’s new driving license with her name and date of birth printed accurately.

With most of the photo blurred out, her address, seen on the eighth line of the license, reads “MY DADS HOUSE” followed by the rest of her address printed normally.

At the moment the tweet is going viral, with over 1,100 retweets and nearly 7,500 likes, with many people commenting on it and having a laugh.

@JackStevensonnn said: “Hahaha easy mistake to make.”

@rachycrossan wrote: “Am p*****g myself – you’re no right.”

@gfulton72 commented: “Aye and the DVLA were just sound with it and thought that was your actual address.”

@courteney02x said: “Eve omg”

How on earth such a mistake slipped by the DVLA is hilarious, to say these are the people who are supposed to be in charge making sure we abide by their rule. Yet they aren’t even reading the applications we send through. It makes you wonder what else they have missed or even messed up over the years.

It worries me even more that they issue license plates to cars, what if they mix that up and your driving around in a car with an identical plate to another? How do you explain that to the police when you get pulled?

Drive Safe.


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