Van lets the police know what he thinks of the ticket

One van driver was recently charged with speeding and not being controlling his vehicle — when he was papped by the local speed camera, sharing his feelings about them.

Michael Carrick thought he was driving at the speed limit when he spotted the traffic officer holding a money gun and showed him the sign language for tosser.

What stunned him was when he received a letter with the snap and detailing that he had not only been done for speeding but also driving without a seatbelt and ‘not being in full control of a vehicle.’

The roofer claims he then paid the £315 fine and received 3 penalty points on his license for the speeding offence near Bishop Auckland, County Durham, and in return police dropped the other charges.

Michael said: ‘It was a brief moment of stupidity though it is all a bit over the top. I did see the camera but I didn’t think I’d been done.

‘I suppose I saw it at the last minute — then I get a letter through the post two weeks later. They said I was speeding and also that I wasn’t in proper control of my vehicle.

‘It was a w***er I was calling them. It was all very harsh.’

He then shared the post on social media in an attempt to remind people that vans can only do 50mph on a single lane national speed limit road.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: ‘North Yorkshire Police’s fleet of mobile safety cameras are deployed to sites where there is a history of speed-related collisions.

‘Where the local community have raised concerns about speeding in their neighbourhood, and to routes where drivers or motorcyclists have been killed or seriously injured.

‘They also detect other offences such as the illegal use of mobile phones and seat belt offences.

‘Road safety is a major priority for North Yorkshire Police and its partners.

‘Safety cameras are part of a range of tactics – from enforcement to education – that we use to help us in our commitment to protect all road users and keep our roads as safe as possible.’

While this is a funny little tale, the morale of the story is that vans can only do 50mph on a single lane national speed limit road.

So stay safe out there guys.


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