UK Custom Mods Memorial Meet

UK Custom Mods are growing fast and I think they have the right idea when it comes to car meets. A lot of the issues groups have run into in the past is due to the venue. And UK Custom Mods hit the jackpot with the Blue Lagoon. It’s a nice drive over there and it is a great place to hang out with other car enthusiasts.

I arrived around 4:30ish and the grass was starting to fill up, and there was a decent amount of people wandering around. The admin team where acting as marshals all day and doing a fantastic job making sure each car had enough space. As well as making sure no one lost any splitters to the railway sleepers.

The weather was lovely, the cafe was open and there were cars. What more could you want on a Sunday afternoon?

There was a decent range of cars on show and over the course of the afternoon a few left but were soon replaced by new ones. Everyone just seemed really relaxed and enjoying  the meet. There were kids running about and couple of dogs. It made it a really pleasant atmosphere.

Out of the cars there, a few stood out. The first I have to mention is this blast from the past. It is not often you see a pretty much unmolested Vauxhall Calibre. But one that was this clean had to have a mention. I love seeing old cars that have been looked after, there is just something about the dedication that it takes I admire.

Next up is the Civic, this thing just looks like it wants to be driven. I am a bit of a JDM fanboy and do love seeing Jap cars on the road. When a Civic is done right, it just puts a smile on my face. Top work.

This Ford pick up’s engine was something else. A little creepy but impressive none the less. Since hydro dipping hit the scene, there has been some very cool engine bay builds and this one is no joke.

And no Blue Lagoon photo set would be complete without a shot of the plane. Now one person I haven’t mentioned yet is Michael Gill. This was a charity event held in his name to raise money for Bullies OUT, Suicide Awareness and Inner Strength. All great causes and the money that all those who attended helped raised will be going on to help many others. 

I would also like to applaud the UK Custom Mods team for going above and beyond to raise money for Michael Gill’s funeral too. Thank you.

On a slightly different note I feel like I need to put my 2 pence worth in on car meet etiquette. Stickers, are a good thing. They help build a sense of community, advertise groups and show your support. Selling sticker at your own event, fantastic. Selling your stickers at some one else’s event is a bit of a grey area. If the organisers are fine with it, then your golden. If not, you should respect that too.

It takes time and effort to host meets and run groups. Most of the time, the organisers aren’t making any cash. They do it because they love the car scene. Take the entry fee at the Blue Lagoon meet, that isn’t because UK Custom Mods are try to make a quick buck. It’s to pay for use of the private land. So we don’t get hassled by the police and we have some where nice to hang out. Instead of a Car park outside a shop.

So it’s just common curtsy to ask permission before you decide to sell stuff at their event.


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