UK Custom Mods & JFS Tuning Dyno Day

Rocking up to JFS Tuning at 2 pm on Sunday, I was greeted by mini car meet outside the workshop. With the other businesses shut for the day, UK Custom Mods made full use of space.

Set to a strong bassline, courtesy of one of the Admins cars, the afternoon was filled with sweet sounding exhausts and revving engines. The dyno day, in my opinion, was pretty well organised.  Taking a fluid approach to what cars go on when. To me, this works best with these types of events, as some people who were booked on didn’t show. Which means JFS tuning could get the cars that were there in and we weren’t waiting around for someone who wasn’t going to show.

At £30 for 3 runs on the dyno, the team at JFS Tuning were very busy, they even put their Carbon Cleaning skills to the test. Putting a Vectra on the dyno in the morning, then giving the engine a good clear out, using the carbon clean method. Letting the engine cool down, so it would give an accurate second reading, they then put the car back on the dyno, to discover it had gained an extra 10bhp.

As an owner of a 25-year-old car, it does make me wonder how much power I have lost from just the daily abuse the car gets sat in traffic.

While the real dark horse of the day was a BMW one series, that turned while everyone went for lunch. Got on the rollers and smashed out some insane BHP. It was great to see that people being pleasantly surprised at the power their cars are pumping out. Take the Golf in the picture, nearly ten years old now and has gained a little bhp from stock due to good maintenance and a few solid mods.

There was the odd bit of drama, with a few people finding out that their remaps from other garages, weren’t quite what that they expected. Which, just isn’t cricket if you ask me, after seeing how the guys a JFS Tuning work and their dedication to making sure they got an accurate reading for everyone on the day. Even after getting through 20 cars they still took the time to make sure, they got it right. Which is reassuring that there are still good workshops out there, you just need to know where to find them.

There was talk of another dyno day taking place, so if you missed this one keep your eyes peeled for the details on the UK Custom Mods group and JFS Tunings page.

If you did take part in the dyno day, I’d love to see your results in the comments, along with any plans you have for your motor.


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  1. I run my mk1 fabia vrs on there pulled 181bhp spoke to the team there and booked back in this Saturday for a whole new map with aims of it coming back out of there running at 225bhp it was a great day and a real good bunch of guys running the place looking forward to Saturday to see how good there maps are ????

      1. Me much quicker yes lol taken quite abit of time and money with all upgraded parts and mods to be able to go over 200bhp but finally ready for it Saturday can’t come quick enough lol

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