UK Custom Mods Blue Lagoon September meet.

This weekend gone, saw yet another fantastic UK Custom Blue Lagoon meet. As the car season is starting to wind down, it is great to see groups still putting on meets.

This group has been going from strength to strength, reaching over 4,000 members now. Not to mention, all the collaboration meets they are working on with Twisted Torque UK and the Unite meet coming up on the 8th of October, to name a few.

This Blue Lagoon meet started out with a little bit of patchy weather and it looked like it was going to lash it down at one point. This, however didn’t stop members from Hull and Doncaster from making the effort to show off their motors.

Arm with just quick detailers, it was a tough task to get the cars up to show and shine standard. What with the mud on the way in and general road crap you collect after a brief shower. What did stand out for me was this good looking Seat with a very clear message on the front.

The second was this mini. While the car itself is pretty good looking. What makes this photo is the fact that Darren, one of the UK Custom Mods team, managed to convince the owner to drive their pride and joy down a less than safe looking grass verge. Just so we could get this awesome shot.

Hats off to Darren, he can direct cars and has some  damn good spatial awareness. It’s a shame he’s not as lucky with his own cars.

I’d like to say a big thanks to UK Custom Mods team for organising the meet and it is very heart warming to see their family of dedicated enthusiasts to continue to grow.


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