Twisted Torque UK USC warm up meet

Ahead of Ultimate Street Car, Twisted Torque UK hosted a little warm up meet. I rocked up around 8ish about an hour after the meet had started. The Multi Story had cars on most floors but wasn’t packed to bursting when I arrived.

It was good to see groups that had come together almost set up what looked like club stands with their cars. The atmosphere was definitely more lively than the last one. There was a Civic with a pretty big sound system blasting tunes. A lot of revving and the occasional pop and bang.

There was a decent mix of cars on show, from some more retro rides to the newer cars. Each bringing something different to the car scene, which is what makes these meets worth going to. Hydro Dipping has definitely been on the rise, with some really cool engine bays being put together. It has made what would of been a unaffordable paint job for most, a hell of a lot more wallet friendly.

Speaking of wallets, I’ve seen stickers being sold at local meets but this is the first one I’ve been to that had vinyl cutter. Running on a generator and laid in the back of an estate car. You can’t say they car scene doesn’t full of entrepreneurial people.

One car did stand out for me, while it isn’t a crazy build or even a funky colour. This mini has been restored, I mean properly restored. It’s had a full new floor pan and all the welding sorted. Bringing a car this old back to it’s former glory takes a lot of patience and effort. So you have my respect and your passion hasn’t gone unnoticed. Hopefully will see this car at few more meets before the end of summer.


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