Twisted Torque UK and Fresh Creations Multi story meet

To say it was a busy date for car meets, there was a decent showing at the Twisted Torque UK and Fresh Creations meet. This being my first multi story meet, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having seen the videos and photos I was looking forward to something different.

As the cars arrived it had a some what of a underground feel. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone was having laugh. As the car park started fill up from the bottom floor, little pockets of groups started to gather. It is nice to see some many different car enthusiasts coming together.

The multi story meet is run by two groups, Twisted Torque UK and Fresh Creations. I think this collaboration is great thing for the UK car scene. They actively encourage families to come to meet and I think getting more kids involved in the scene can only be a good thing. While the rules are clear when it comes to this meet. It is strictly static and keep the engine popping to a minimum. It’s doesn’t stop it from being a fun one.

One thing to bare in mind when driving round this multi story car park. Is the down ramps are pretty steep. I managed to clip my chassis rails, but as long as your not nailing it your car will be fine.

On to the cars that where there. I drove in, in front for this one. It sounded amazing, it has a super clean engine bay and even though owner wasn’t over the moon with the wrap. I thought it was pretty good. He did have a point about it not having the same shine as paint but ether way it’s a nice ride.

Yes that a Saab engine. And it’s in a Vauxhall family wagon. When chatting with owner, he was so laid back about it, talking like the build wasn’t that impressive. I mean it’s a full custom job, mounts and everything. The upgrades didn’t stop there, it had bigger brakes and he was in the process of putting VXR seats.

Next on the list of impressive motors was this BMW from Lee’s modified workshopApart from this being his sensible car, what struck me was the wide arches. They are fibreglass and seamless to the wing, no rivets, just clean lines. Aside from having this BMW he also has a drift car that’s in the process of being rebuilt. Which I would love to see when it’s finish. Because if this is sensible, I can’t wait to see what his track toy looks like.

I all honesty I do prefer the older cars to the prestige cars. And it’s not the whole finance thing, I just think newer cars tend look similar. But every now and again there is one that catches my eye. This BMW has a custom built front splitter and rear diffuser. Complimented by some real nice side skirts. Ride height is a little high for my taste but if it was my car there is no way I would risk smashing that splitter. There is just something about this BMW that makes look sleeker than usual.

But for me the car that stole the meet, was this classic BMW. I just love the old school lines and it was beautifully looked after. Just a real treat to see something of that age, still going so strong.

Although I just seem to have pulled out all the BMW from this meet there was loads on show and you’ll be able to seem them all as I upload them to the instagram;

If you do have a classic car check out my review of Silverhook under seal because the while the weathers nice it’s a good time to prep for winter.

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