SliverHook under seal review

Under sealing your car is one of those necessary evils, so I put SliverHook under seal to the test. This has probably been my least favourite job to do on the car so far. With MX5’s being absolute rot boxes, as soon as the weather got good enough to the car up on ramps. Out came the grinder and wire wheel, on went the safety goggles and my Sunday just seemed to disappear.

Silverhook Bitumastic Under Seal can be used in wheel arches, door sills, fuel tanks as well as the under side of your motor. To say it is a 500 ml rattle can I have been impressed with it’s coverage and how thick it sprays on.

Silverhook claim that their under seal gives “a tough, flexible, anti-chip, anti-corrosive coating. Under Seal will provide a durable high impact protective coating against corrosion, water, stones & salt.”

In all honesty I have been driving for about 2 months with this under seal on the car. The car does run fairly low and I often catch the chassis rails on those bloody speed bumps. But so far SilverHook under seal has stood up to the shit I’ve given it. It takes a decent amount of scraping to get the stuff off and it drys mega quick. Which is always handy when you want to top it up.

One down side is that it is extremely potent, so I would recommend using it outside with a mask on. For easy of use I can’t fault it and I know the MX5 isn’t the biggest of cars out there but it only took 4 cans to give the car a very liberal coating.

So if you are a bit of a have a go hero or just prefer to do stuff yourself Silverhook is the under seal for you. As daft as it sounds, summer is the best time to under seal your car.



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