Police troll Ferrai driver after crash

Every Ferrari driver’s nightmare came true, when this man crashed his £175,000 supercar.  To rub a little salt in the already massive wound, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) shared a picture of the wreck on Twitter along with some epic comments.

At first, they questioned whether the driver was actually driving just a touch over the speed limit when he crashed his Ferrari 458 in Beaumont Road, Bolton. In the second tweet they confirmed the driver ‘tested positive for cannabis’ which police said possibly contributed to the crash.

The first tweet read: ‘Driver said he was only doing 52 in a 50 mph area. Thoughts?’

Soon the rest of you joined in with the public roasting. One person even called for additional testing to ‘check driver competence with high-performance cars’. And another would ‘like to hear the call to his insurance company’.

Even the road support unit for Gwent Police in Wales joined in, adding: ‘Expensive 52mph.’

A second sarcastic tweet from GMP Traffic said: ‘Well the driver has just tested positive for cannabis, so that’s probably played a part.’

The driver is understood to have been arrested and no one else was reportedly involved or injured in the crash. Whether his mum and dad will let him out to play again, is another matter.

It just goes to show, you can’t buy skill and stupid can wreck anything. The fact that the police let the world know what they think of this muppet, is unbelievable. I like a savage police force, more of this, please.

Stay safe out there, you don’t want to be next.


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