Mx5 mk1 brake pads and disks review

While getting the car ready for it’s MOT. I decided to take the advice of a friend and upgrade my brake pads and disks. As the car isn’t track ready just yet, I wasn’t looking to spend a fortune. I just wanted some decent brake pads and disks that would be good for the occasional bit of spirited driving.

What I went for in the end was a deal from MX5 parts, for all four brake pads and disks for only £86.62 (with £10 postage). So for less than £25 a corner, I got brand new brake pads and disks. They arrived within two days and have been on the car for about two months now.

The brake disks are from Solid Auto and are excellent for road use. With them not being drilled or grooved I wouldn’t suggest you put them on your track car. However if your like me and tend to spend the majority of your time sat in traffic then you don’t have to worry about them over heating. However the front ones are vented as you can see from photo at the top. The set fits all Mazda MX5 Mk1 1.6 models, 1989 to 1998, excluding left hand drive 1.6 automatic models. As they used the larger 1.8 brakes. Right hand drive automatics however do use the 1.6 brakes.

The brake pads are EBC, all be it not the greatest brake pads you can buy from them. But still better than some of the cheaper alternatives out there. For you sticker hoarders you do get the EBC stickers with both sets of pads, so I ended up with four in total.

The brake pads themselves were easy enough to fit and they didn’t take long to wear in ether. Which is always helpful. To be honest on the foot brake they are only slightly more responsive than my previous pads. That had been on the car for god knows how long. Where I did see a big improvement was how they lock the back wheels up on the handbrake. Previously, running an open diff the other pads struggled to lock both wheels up but these work perfectly.

At less than £25 a corner they are never going to be able to compete with grooved disks and EBC Green Stuff but they are a step up from your stock brake pads and disks. Which is a pretty good investment on any car.

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