Muppet gets pulled in his own stolen car

West Yorkshire Police revealed some details of the incident which happened today. Honestly, this could actually be a joke in Only Fools and Horses. How this man managed to do this is beyond belief. 

The man reported the vehicle – a red Ford Ka – to the police as stolen after returning to find it was not where he thought it was.

Later the same day, West Yorkshire Police officers found the car which had been reported missing being driven on the road.

The car was then boxed in by police and two people inside the car were detained by officers.

But it was then revealed that the man driving it was the owner of the car who had reported it stolen. He had forgotten where he parked it, found it again, and didn’t tell police.

The incident happened in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Pontefract -vehicle reported as stolen when it was missing after Male returns to find it not there.

“We found it driving and using TPAC boxed it in,2 detained, turns out it was the man that forgot where he parked and found it again but didn’t let us know he had got it back!”

How you report your car stolen and forget to inform the police you’ve found it, on the same day has me speechless. This is up there with the pensioner who got pulled on driving down the motorway on a mobility scooter.

As mad as this is, it does brighten up the news.

Stay safe and always remember where you parked your car.


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