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With the sun shining, I cruised down the M62 to Modified North Wests Big Summer Blow Out.

Hosted at Bowlers exhibition centre in Manchester. The Big Summer Blow Out was set to be a huge event with over a thousand people interested in the meet.

Modified North West priced the event right in my opinion. At £2 per adult and £5 to park your car inside, you can’t go wrong. The exhibition centre was a good choice of venue. Even if the venue owners did forced a start time change and had to cut the  space available in half. Due to someone delivering a space ship a week early. That’s not even a joke, there was a space event being held two weeks after the summer blow out and the space ship, was dropped off a week early. Meaning the venue had to store it somewhere. But that didn’t stop the Modified North West team from putting on a bloody good show.

The inside was packed with some fantastic cars.

While the majority cars on show, where what I consider, to be modern. There was a good mix of styles, even a couple of American muscle cars. There was the odd classic car tucked in there as well, for good measure.

The Modified North West had really put some thought in to making this an event the whole family can enjoy. With the kids having three bouncey castles to choose from and a few super hero’s wandering around. There was plenty to keep them entertained.

Ilkley Audio was doing a live speaker install on a VW Passat. Which was interesting to watch, getting to see what makes a professional install so much better than a have a go hero’s.

The trade stands featured some amazing brands as well. Forbidden 13 where there selling their amazing clothing and stickers.

Wax & Away was another standout trader at Modified North West. Offering quality products at reasonable prices.

The Big Summer Blow Out was just as good if not better than some of the car shows I’ve been to this season.

I’m still not sure how the organisers managed it but the drift ride along where fantastic to watch. At £5 a ride as well, you can’t complain.

Modified North West developed from host local meets in car parks. They were finding that a small group of knob heads, were turning up and spoiling it for the rest of them. By there nature, you have no control who attends your meets, when it is a local car park meet. To combat this the Modified North West team focused on organising track days and car shows. This gives them the ability host the events they want without the worry of the minority, ruining it for the majority.

If you get the chance to go to a Modified North West event, do it. You won’t regret it, they are well organised and friendly.

As always, links to everyone mentioned are below.


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