MFN Halloween Blowout

This weekend saw the end of season blowout at MFN. Situated near Nottingham, this meet obviously had a strong pull as cars came from all over the country, even Wales.

I’m not going to lie, it was defiantly worth the three hour round trip for me. I was stunned by the efforts people went to when dressing up their cars for the event. There was an unbelievable mix of cars there from your hot hatches, right through to the show and shine motors. And a fare few track toys in-between for good measure.

When I first drove down the road to MFN, I wasn’t sure I’d gone to the right address. You travel down a fairly picturesque country lane and then round the corner to see the MFN building. When I arrived at 2pm there was already a good amount to cars parked up.

As it was the end of season meet, they were going all out, with inflatables and even hook a duck. With a live dj playing music late in to the night. MFN is on private land and one of the very few venues with it’s own road, so there were some nice burn outs going on. The marshals where doing a great job of making sure everyone stayed safe and that there were no crashes. As it was a pretty big event, there was a few trade stands which added to the whole experience with people picking new stickers for their cars and some pretty cool hoodies.

With so many stand out cars, I didn’t fancy spamming the write up with all the images so check out the album here.

I would like to talk about the Vw Beetle Beach Buggies that were looking good, the minion themed one had to be my favourite one. You don’t tend to see many of these about, so it was a nice treat to see so many of them.

Another one that I found while wandering around the masses of cars parked on the grass, was this Fiesta with a cool anime wrap on it. Being a JDM fan boy I do enjoy the Itasha wraps, this one being a little bit more tasteful than the ones over in Japan.

The next is this Scooby, who’s owner was making loads of friends. They had rigged up a motion sensor to the horn. So when ever anyone walked past, it went off and the skeleton’s head moved. It was pretty funny to watch, if I am honest but I can see how the stands near by may have found it a little irritating. That being said, thumbs up for the idea though.

The final car I’d like to mention is this MK1, who’s engine bay is a hell of a lot clean than the body work. But that’s not the reason, I feel a little ashamed of this but I managed to lock my keys in boot when swapping camera gear over. So you can imagine the panic setting in knowing the spare keys are a good two hour drive away. Luckily this fellow MK1 owner came to my rescue and helped me out massively. Top lad.

That’s what I love about the car scene, complete strangers are happy to help another enthusiast out. It’s what make me proud to be part of a scene that does get a lot stick but it is the minority that are ruining our scene. And MFN in my opinion is a great family event where everyone is welcome, there should be more events like this one.


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