Mazda Mx5 Mk1 brake caliper reveiw

While going through the pain in the arse that was the MOT for the Mazda, I had a broke rear brake caliper. So naturally the first thing I did was have a scout about on ebay for a Mx5 Mk1 brake caliper.

I order both brand new rear callipers from mazda-and-mitsubishi-spares-ltd at £100. I wasn’t expecting race performance. I just wanted to pass an MOT. The delivery was quick, like next day, which was fantastic. Both callipers came separately packaged, in bags with all the right covers etc.

On closer inspection they looked pretty decent, I thought I’d managed to grab a bargain. They even have L and R on them to help out with the install. But that is when everything seem to go tits up with them. After installing and adjust the winder screw, the hand brake was not engaging on one side.

So after a little more adjustment, still nothing. Off came the handbrake cable, checked. Nothing wrong with it. Back on it went, while reinstalling the hand brake cable a friend noticed the hand brake leaver arm had way to much travel in it. So back to adjusting the winder, it wouldn’t go any further out.

So out came the worm screw and we inspected that. It was missing a few teeth. Which explains the poor adjustment. But at this point it was clear these were not going to pass the MOT, so off they came.

One good thing was that mazda-and-mitsubishi-spares-ltd had no issue with me returning them. Even paid for the collection and issued a full refund. So while I won’t be being these brakes again;

MAZDA MX5 EUNOS MK1/2 calipers

I will be giving the seller another go should I need any other parts.


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