Lost In Mods Harrogate Meet

Lost in Mods held their first Harrogate Meet on Saturday. For me it was a nice drive over, quiet country roads and some spirited driving put a smile on my face.

Saint James retail park as a meet venue was a pretty good choice. The on site Macdonalds was a bonus. There was plenty of space and it is out of the way of any residential houses. With this being their first meet here, it was more to test the waters rather than a fair representation of the Lost in Mods. It was pretty quiet, only 10 cars at the most. There was a lot of drive bys though. Which had they parked up and come for a chat would have made the meet better.

None the less, the people that were there, were friendly and very talkative. Which is what you want at these kind of meets. You have small groups of friends that travel over but you need the admins to be out going enough to encourage conversation. Which they were.

While the range of cars was small it was a decent mix, three Astra’s, Subaru, BMW, a Golf, Fiesta and VW estate just to name few.

For me the car that really took me by surprise was this Astra VXR. The owner has sunk some serious effort in to the engine on this one. It sound incredible as it sets off. The owner does have a few more plans for the car, so like most project cars it will never be finished.

Lost in Mods was a small meet and the police did show up due to a noise complaint but I enjoyed it. It was a tame evening just chatting with like minded people and having a laugh. The weather wasn’t on their side and I’m not sure Saturdays are the best day to host meets. But that’s just my opinion, Sundays just seem easier for most people schedules.

I look forward to seeing how this meet progresses because they are a good bunch of people and I’d recommend stopping by when they hold the next one.


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