Lee’s Modified Workshop

Lee’s Modified Workshop recently opened in Bradford and I went to meet the man behind the work, Lee.

The first thing I noticed about Lee is how modest he is, this is a guy who spent 18 years in the army but is happy to chat with anyone. Doing 3 tours of Iraq and a tour in the Falklands. Lee started his time in the military in the Royal Signals and then eventually transferred to become a VMB, working on wheeled and light armour vehicles.

He talks with such a wealth of knowledge about modifying vehicles but has the passion and patience to make you understand what he is on about. While I consider myself to be a car enthusiast, I am far from an expert so having some one willing to answer, what I am sure were stupid questions, was great.

One of the things we discussed was fabrication, being an MX5 owner I am starting to become very aware of the cost and time involved in fabrication. At Lee’s Modified Workshop he puts quality first and profits second. Because he wants to be the best at what he does, not the richest.

With that being said he is not afraid of a challenge ether, this is possibly one of the few garages out there that genuinely want the crazy builds.

Whether your trying to fit an Evo in a Colt or a Saab in a Zafira. He isn’t going to shy away from it. Hearing him talk about some of the Mods he’s done on Tanks. As well as other military vehicles really showed his desire to make things better. I mean he was part of team that redesigned the emergency escape on tanks. So if they did roll in water, the hatch could be unlocked from the outside. But only if you had the right tool.

His current project is a BMW track toy. That is having a complete custom tubular bash bar fabricated along with numerous engine upgrades. But the one mod that stuck in my mind was the Lexus tail lights he wants to install. When this is finished, it is definitely going be a one off BMW.

So if you are looking for a garage to partner with on your car build. Get in touch with Lee’s Modified Workshop. I highly recommend him.


Lee’s Modified Workshop;


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