Help find this kind soul

Last night on his way to work Tony Michael Jones stopped to fuel up his car at the Texaco Garage on Halifax Road. After filling the tank he then went to pay only to discover that the person in front of him had payed for his fuel.

Such a gesture, while not unheard of is very few and far between. He then went out side and thanked him, were the generous man told him that meaning North West Ambulance Service NHS do a fantastic job and it’s the least he could do for people who do such an important job.

He wished Tony a very safe night shook his hand and drove off. This kind soul did say his name was Tony.

Tony Michael Jones “would like to thank Tony for such a nice gesture and on behalf of me and the rest of NWAS and all other ambulance services up and down the country it’s our absolute pleasure.”

If anybody recognises this car the person driving it was late 20-30 years old had a few tattoos and of a muscular build please help us find Tony and let him receive the recognition he deserves for such an amazing act.

We need more people like you.


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