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With show season well under way I thought I’d give the Detail King UK a go. To see if I could get my car up to show standard. To be honest, I have shall we say neglected cleaning my car. It was in a bit of a state, the last cheap car shampoo I used had some weird wax in it that dried on my soft top. The car was covered in dust and I pretty sure there was left overs from Japfest on the inside.

So that was what I gave the Detail King UK to work with. Just so you guys know, I booked the car in for a mini valet. Which start at £15, having paid a similar price at a local hand wash, (I know it’s a sin but I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning cars). I wasn’t expecting more than a good wash outside and a bit of a vac/clean on the inside.

Detail King UK is the first professional detailer I have used, so I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first thing he did on the car was put a cleaning compound on my wheels to break down the brake dust that had built up.

While he was waiting for that to work it’s magic, he had a good look around the car assessing it for any potential issues. I.E my shoddy paint work. After asking a few questions he made the decision to adjust the pressure washer so it was a little gentler on my rattle canned bumper.

With the pre wash out the way on went the snow foam. And my god did it smell glorious, coconut snow foam. While he was cleaning the car, he maintained the two bucket system. Both buckets had debris catchers in them, something I had not really considered when washing my car myself. It makes a lot of sense have one bucket for removing dirt and one for cleaning.

Once he had dried up the car, the paint work was looking amazing. I was blown away by the quality of the clean. He steam clean inside and out the windows, leaving them spotless. Steam cleaned the door shuts and brushed then vacuumed the mats and carpets. He even managed to get rid of the fluff deep in the seats.

The part of the car I was most pleased with was the soft top. Before he started it was a mess, dried wax and visible scrub marks. I was a little ashamed of it to be truthful. But look at it now. I am well chuffed with his work and would be happy to book my car in with him again any time. My little 5 is looking good and I would be happy to put it on a stand at a show looking like this.

The Detail King UK has just opened up in Bradford and I highly recommend you take advantage of his introductory rates. For full details check out his Facebook page;


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