Hero or Villain, you decide – man jailed for 3 months

Michael Twizell, 58, who mounted a jamming device on his BMW 3 series to attempt to trick police speed cameras has been jailed for three months and fined £1,500.Michael Twizell tried to outsmart a police safety camera van parked on the side of the A658 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire with

Call the filth!

Stephen McGowan, 42, snapped this picture of a police car parked outside a local Tesco.He took to twitter to ask the local police force if he could be stopped for having an unreadable, muddy rear licence plate. Lincs Police replied to him with "Yes, you can get pulled over as

Secret Motorway Lane!

This one little secret could increase the capacity of the UK's motorway network by a third, so be sure to tell all your driving friends!Apparently some drivers are unaware that there is a lane on the left of the middle and right hand lanes on a motorway that they can

Man Has Sex With Car on Dual Carriageway

Businessman Michael Jameson, 37, climbed out of his car window after shunting a 4x4, stripped naked and started getting down and dirty with his cars wheel arch! The incident took place last June while Jameson was driving his BMW 330 saloon near Holywell, Flintshire.The prosecutor told the court that motorist

The Toyota AE86 – one of the founding fathers of drifting?

We all know that the second you drive a car off the lot it starts to lose value, unless of course you bought a Toyota AE86 between 1984 and 1987. This unassuming little car, also known as the Toyota Corolla Sprinter, has become a cult icon among street racers, drifting

New cameras to detect ‘speed on green’ launched in Liverpoool

As part of speed awareness month, the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership (MRSP) have introduced a number of 'speed on green' cameras at various junctions across Merseyside.It is just a trial scheme at the moment and is part of the road safety strategy to reduce the number and severity of crashes

Upside-Down car – by far one of the craziest mods we’ve seen!

Certain car buyers are very particular when it comes to making their vehicles stand apart from the rest. If the manufacturer fails to do enough then we take it into our own hands to make it happen! A brilliant example of just how far we car enthusiasts will go to

Could You Be Fined £1,000 For Flashing Your Headlights?

There are a number of things that can get you in trouble when you're driving but I bet you never thought flashing your headlights could cost you so much!Apparently, flashing your headlights at other drivers to warn them of a police speed trap could be considered a crime. Rule 110

This Toyota Supra drift car packs a V8, but could it do better?

Back in it's prime time, the fourth generation of the Toyota Supra shipped with a 3.0 Toyota 2JZ V6 engine equipped with dual turbochargers. The motor was initially capable of 320 hp (239 kW), but these figures improved considerably with a bit of tuning.The Supra you can see here comes

Could the council have found a new way to bust your tyres?

Inventor Yannick Read, 47, of the Environmental Transport Association (ETA), thinks he has created something to bring "selfish parking" to an end, though he doesn't seem to mind that while it isn't illegal to park on the pavement in most places, going around popping peoples tyres definitely is!The product, bizarrely