Car theft on the rise

It saddens me to have to write this, there has been an increase in car theft in my local area. The current trend is that the thieves will enter your home, take your keys and leave with your car. It is distressing enough knowing that someone has entered your home but also having to deal with a stolen car, just makes life difficult.

The simplest solution is to lock your doors, even if you’re in and take your car keys upstairs with you, when you go to bed. The majority of the time the thief doesn’t want confrontation, so they are unlikely to venture upstairs in case they wake you. Which is not a particularly reassuring thought. So I teamed up with Lee, from Lee’s Modified Workshop and together we came up with this list of security modifications you could make to your car.

One silver lining from these recent car thefts, is Twisted Torque UK. A car group who usually meet in Huddersfield. One of their members had their car stolen. A Ford Fiesta, sporting purple wheels and Twisted Torque stickers. The group did everything they could to get the car recovered for their friend. Photos of the car were shared like crazy, increasing the amount of sightings reported to the police and the car was just to hot for the thieves to handle. Members where also out and about looking for the car as well, which added pressure on the scum that took the car. The car was recovered, thankfully with minimal damage.

Which got me thinking, firstly how glad I am to be part of a car scene that looks out for each other to that extent. Secondly how can I protect my stuff.

So chatting to Lee’s Modified Workshop, we came up with this list of security modifications for your car;

GPS trackers

If you have the cash, get a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm fitted, they come with built in tracking devices. However if you don’t, you can still pick a gps tracker for around £20. The way these work is you place a pay as you go sim inside and should your car be stolen. You simply text the number and you will receive a text back with it’s location.

The tracker can be hidden under the seats, in glove box and any where else you can fit it. While it doesn’t prevent your car being taken, it does help with the recovery of it.

Kill Switch/Push Start

Aside for installing a alarm, you could install a hidden kill switch. This switch cuts the circuit connecting your ignition to the starter motor. This isn’t a simple mod to do and I would recommend using a garage to have it installed.

It does however make your car useless to the thief, even if they have your key. The car won’t start until the kill switch has been turned on. While it isn’t an elegant solution to the problem, it is an effective one. These kill switches are not really common place in cars and will really put a wannabe thief on the back foot.

The other option, Lee’s Modified Workshop suggested is, to install a remote start push button. The way this works is that once the key is turned in the ignition, you then have to press the button to start the engine.

This type of mod is highly effective on cars that aren’t suppose to have push starts. It will completely confuse the scum bag trying to steal your car. Giving the police time to arrive on the scene and catch them in the act.


Clear Window Tints

Window tints aren’t just for privacy or looking cool, they serve a security purpose as well. By tinting your window you also make it harder to smash. Adding a layer of adhesive material to the inside of it, helps keep the shattered glass together. Again slowing them down and making it harder for them to get in your car.

Most people might not want there windows tinting. So what they can do is have clear window tints added, these are transparent and you won’t even be able to tell they are there when driving.

Snap off steering wheel

A little bit more of a drastic modification to your car but one that scores extra scene points as well as improving your car security. Having a steering wheel you can remove, means you not only need to have the keys to start the car but also the wheel to steer. Now to any thief looking through your car window, this mod instantly makes your car more hassle than it’s worth to steal.

As the modification requires you to mess with the steering, which is kind of an integral part of your car, I would recommend getting it done by a professional, such as Lee from Lee’s Modified Workshop.


A lot of people think these are just for in case you are involved in a car accident. However some are fitted with a motion detection sensor, this means they start recording when someone walks past your car and continues to record until there is no motion. The dash cam won’t stop your car from being stolen but in the event it is recovered, might provide vital evidence to put the thief behind bars.

While one of the most expensive modification you can make to your car, having a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm fitted, is a great option. In some cases it will bring down your insurance and again it is not something I would suggest you fit yourself. You wouldn’t want to permanently immobilise your car would you?

If you have any question about these modifications and how much they cost, please get in touch with Lee’s Modified Workshop and he will be more than happy to chat you through them.

Also here are a few security features you might want to add to your home as well;

Sash Jammers

These are installed on directly on to patio doors to prevent them being opened one at a time. So if the thief does snap the lock, they will then have to rip both doors open. This not only slows them down but also makes loads of noise.


A simple bike U-lock placed over both handles on the patio doors works like the sash jammers. However it is more visible for the thief to see, which could act as a deterrent. Saving you a bit of money not having to replace your doors. Admittedly this one is a bit annoy to take on and off but in the grand scheme of things, worth the hassle.

Anti-snap locks

This is the security feature recommended by the police, anti-snap locks. The locking mechanism is built in such a way that if the lock is snapped, the door remains locked. A pretty handy feature to have on your door.

Stay safe


Lee’s Modified Workshop

Twisted Torque UK

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